Winedale Historical Center

Winedale Historical Center

Where in Texas can you experience arts, culture, and history, all under one roof? At the Winedale Historical Center. Located near Jack’s Creek in Fayette County is the historic community of Winedale.

It was a small German community that first settled Washington County in 1870 before shifting to Fayette County in 1881. The name of the place is derived from this German community that settled here.

The Winedale Historical Center is a part of the Center for American History.

It is an area sprawled across 225 acres, featuring 19th century homes and structures. Each building offers a glimpse into the past through the furnishings and architecture of the place. The buildings are mainly wooden and include a four-square barn, three log cabins, five homes, and a one-room school. The site also houses a scenic nature trail, the Gideon Linecum pollinator garden, a weather station, and numerous Texas AgriLife orchards.

Present day Winedale is a legacy of Miss Ima Hogg, a Houston-based philanthropist. She purchased nearly ninety acres of the area and its many buildings especially the Samuel K. Lewis Farmstead. In 1963, the Lewis family home was preserved. After spending more than two years in restoration projects in Winedale, Miss Hogg generously donated the property and its period furnishings. Today, this area is a property of the University of Texas.

5 reasons why you should visit Winedale

1.The annual Shakespeare at Winedale performances are held every summer.

2. The Winedale Quilt exhibit showcases beautiful, handcrafted quilts and designs.

3. The historical complex offers valuable information about the area’s history and way of life.

4. Many horticultural, anthropological, theatrical, and historical events are held here.

5. Winedale features beautifully landscaped gardens and nature trails which make great picnic locations and photography backdrops.

If you’re in the mood to absorb a little bit of local history and culture, visit Winedale.