Uncanny Comics and Games


Are you a fan of comic books? Do you love buying toys and games for your kids or as a part of your collection? If yes, then you must visit Uncanny Comics and Games in Richmond, Texas. The store is a treasure trove for lovers of comics and games.

About the store


Uncanny Comics and Games,

1301 FM, 2218 RD, STE 500 B,

Richmond, Texas 77469.

Ph: 832 363 3838.


  • Monday to Thursday – 12pm to 8pm.
  • Friday and Saturday – 12pm to 10pm.
  • Sunday – 12pm to 6pm.

Why visit this comic and games store?

  • Uncanny Comics and Games has an amazing collection of all things related to comics and games. Apart from buying games, comics, and toys you can also participate in gaming events held at the store. There are a lot of things to do and see when you visit the store.
  • Toys and games are available for people of all ages. It is not only kids who would enjoy the products on sale here, but also adults. You can get classic comics and games that you enjoyed as a kid to add to your collection.
  • If you are fan of superheroes, then there are plenty of superhero collectibles on sale. From Superman to the Avengers, and Spider Man to Spider Girl you will find them all here.
  • Manga fans would find a good collection of collectibles including Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia, etc.
  • A variety of graphic novels are available in the store. These include sci-fi, mystery, and horror genre books.
  • You can build your card deck by collecting Magic the gathering singles. The popular Pokémon singles and Yu-Gi-Oh! Singles are also available. Many of them are top sellers and get sold out fast.
  • The store is well organized with everything neatly arranged in alphabetical order. You can very easily find what you are looking for.