Tillie’s embodies the American Nouveau philosophy with its stunning building and delicious food. The restaurant is set in a repurposed town hall from Vietnam’s Ninh Binh area and is the physical manifestation of a dining experience inspired by history and world cultures. Tillie’s Camp Lucy also offers stay facilities at the family-owned Camp Lucy.


Since food brings people together, the highlight of Tillie’s is the rich culinary experience it offers. Though the menu presented at Tillie’s is inspired by traditional American cuisine, it has an international flair. In other words, Tillie’s gourmet menu takes what is familiar and blends it with a variety of international tastes in an attempt to redefine American food. This can be attributed to the lady the restaurant is named after, Attilia (Tillie) Hancock, a world traveler who introduced her worldly discoveries to Austin and the surrounding areas. 

If you love to experiment with cuisines and try out new flavors, you now know where to dine in Texas!


Apart from taking guests to a mouthwatering culinary ride across international tastes, Tillie’s offers an enchanting and peaceful escape at Camp Lucy. 

Camp Lucy, a Texas Wine Country resort, is an extension of the family-owned property and is a stunning fusion of the sophisticated elegance of Texas and world-class luxury and modern facilities. What makes it unique is the creative manner in which the items and antiques collected from different parts of the world have been incorporated to build an aesthetic retreat for guests. At the Camp, visitors can enjoy stunning landscapes, luxurious guest rooms, event areas, and family cottages. Thus, it offers the ideal setting for tourists, corporate gatherings, and weddings alike. 

Thanks to its gourmet menu and peaceful luxury hideaway, Tillie’s has unquestionably established itself as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas.