The Showboat Drive-in Theater

General Questions

Weather: We play rain or shine! If the conditions are dangerous, such as significant flooding, we do cancel, but not for just rain. Cancellations will appear on the main page no later than 3 hours prior to gate time!

Dogs are allowed, either in your vehicle or on a leash if outside your vehicle. Please be sure to clean up after your puppies!


All ticket transactions are final, no refunds or exchanges will be given. Please make sure you have the correct date and films chosen before you checkout.

Online tickets are discounted over purchases at the gate to encourage more online purchases which gets our line in through much quicker!

We have two types of ticketing for films, individually priced and carload priced. The two ticket types require different purchasing methods.

Individually ticketed events: This is our standard type of event. For these events you need to purchase ONE driver’s ticket per vehicle. You also need to purchase whatever quantity of passenger tickets needed for the rest of the passengers in the vehicle who

are ages 3 and up. As an example, if you have 4 people in the vehicle, you would purchase ONE driver’s and THREE passenger tickets.

Carload events: If an event is marked as “Carload”, you purchase ONE ticket per vehicle. This ticket includes the parking permit and passenger tickets for all passengers in the vehicle.

When you place your order, ensure that you have the correct email as your confirmation email serves as your ticket into the drive in. We do not accept screen shots of the email; it must be the original email to gain entry.

Hours of operation

Our hours vary across the year. Please look at the description on the individual events for the gate time (when we allow cars onto the lot) and the first feature time (when the previews begin to roll). Our times are always approximate as the time at which it is dark enough to see the movie.


Our concession stand is accessed via the FanFood app, or through the web at You can also use the app or webapp to see our menu before you come. Limited menu available at this time.

Once you have placed your order, wait until you get the “Ready for pick up” alert. If you have not received the alert your order is not ready!

When you receive the “Ready for pick up” alert, proceed to the pick up window on the side of the building where your movie is playing. Do not come wait for your order on the patio unless you have received the alert to come pick it up as you will be sent back to your vehicle.


The audio for the movies can only be heard with an actual FM radio, either through your car or a portable unit. Radio apps and such will not work to hear the film!
Screen #1: 98.9 FM
Screen #2: 98.1 FM

How to enjoy the drive in

#1 No idling during the film! Due to noise and exhaust, running your engine during the film is prohibited. If you need to start your car up for a couple of minutes here or there to keep your battery charged, that is fine. But if you are found to be running the vehicle for too long or too frequently you will be asked to leave it off for the remainder of the film.

#2 Bring folding chairs and enjoy watching the movie from outside of your vehicle. The vast majority of Showboaters bring out chairs, but some go so far as to bring COUCHES! The drive in really is a choose your own adventure way to enjoy a film, so get creative!

#3 Bring a battery powered radio. This is helpful both in the event your vehicle can’t pick up the FM broadcast, but also for those who wish to sit outside of their vehicles.

Address: 22422 Farm to Market 2920, Hockley, TX 77447