The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County

The goal at The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County is to educate the public about Montgomery County’s rich history! The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County features exhibits showcasing the county’s roots, from the lumber and oil industries to the everyday lives of Montgomery County residents. The Museum is housed in the historic Grogan/Cochran home, built in 1924. Through a fundraiser and generous donors, the Conroe Service League was able to open the museum in 1985 and served as its administrative branch until the museum grew strong enough to stand on its own financially. In 2005, for its 50th anniversary, the League gifted the museum with a Fountain.

​The Museum is composed of three permanent galleries including Glimpses of Montgomery County, featuring a chronology of the area’s history, from prehistoric times to the building of Lake Conroe in the late 1970s. The second gallery, Towns, People & Events, honors those who have impacted the county and distinguishes the first events for the area, such as the first county fair, the first telephone, etc. The third gallery is a Hands-On Children’s Room. Here children can explore a log cabin and a turn-of-the-century general store.

The Museum also offers a research room, oral histories of county residents, traveling exhibitions, a gift shop, and several outdoor exhibits. Special events for adults and children are offered regularly.


The Heritage Museum of Montgomery County, at the moment, is composed of four themed Galleries of Montgomery County history and the people, places, and events that made it what it is today. Our current galleries are Glimpses of Montgomery County, Towns, People & Events, a Discovery Room or Hands-On Children’s Room and an entire room of the various mediums of Mark C. Clapham Art Gallery. Whether your interests lie in the land and the oil under it or the flag that flies over it, there are exhibits for everyone. Whether you are interested in art, Black History, Texas flag history or antique telephone equipment, we have an exhibit that will appeal to you. If there are young ones in your family, the Children’s room will take them, and you, way back to a simpler time. At the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County, our roots run far into the future, with plans for new buildings and exhibits well underway.