League City has been consistently rated as one of the best cities to live in Texas. League City is very safe with a low crime rate as compared to the national average. The people are friendly and the small businesses there provide plenty of job opportunities.
League city is close to places like Kemah Boardwalk, Johnson Space Center, and clear lake. League City offers a variety of dining and shopping options within walking distance. The area\'s proximity to Galveston and Houston allows its residents to enjoy all the big city activities.


Kemah BoardwalkKemah Boardwalk offers an enthralling experience for the entire family. It is open daily and makes for a perfect getaway for the family. In the evenings, Kemah Boardwalk has a carnival-like atmosphere complete with street performers and live music.
Space Center HoustonGet overwhelmed with the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster exhibit. The starship Gallery allows you to take a closer look at a full-size Skylab Training Module, the Apollo 17 Command Module, and many more items. The gallery also houses the final Mercury spacecraft Faith 7. Check out an array of Moon rocks at the Lunar Vault. Take a closer look at the Launch and Entry Suit(LES) donned by earlier Space Shuttle crewmembers.
San Jacinto Monument The monument is named with respect to the Battle of Jacinto. The piece of land where it occurred deserved a lot of respect. This prompted Texas Veterans Association to plan for a formal monument. In the 1890s, the state received funds to purchase the then privately owned land. The design of the San Jacinto monument is the creativity of architects Alfred C. Finn, Jesse H. Jones, and Robert J. Cummins. Warren S. Bellows Construction of Houston and Dallas was the construction firm. Construction of the monument started in 1936 and finished in 1939. Since it opened its doors, the San Jacinto Museum of History tells the whole story in great detail. A two hundred twenty-ton star built from concrete, steel, and stone is the monument’s crowning jewel.
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About League City League City consistently ranks as one of the best places to live for families in the Greater Houston Area. With many professionals choosing to live here, there has been a recent spurt in demand for housing. Families with children are choosing to move here. The residents of this city are among the most educated in the US with more than 47% of them having completed their undergraduate degrees. The city is known for being ethnically diverse. The per capita income is $44,997 which is more than the US average of $34,103. Schools in League City League City is part of the Clear Creek ISD School District. Following are some of the highlights of schools in this area: There are 47 schools in this district and 42,000+ students enrolled. On average, there are 17 students per classroom in the schools of this district. Studies show that schools in this district are better compared to other Texas school districts as well as most other US school districts. The average proficiency in reading and math in these schools is 58%, which is 10% higher than state averages. Some of the schools in this area include: Clear Horizons Early College High School League City Intermediate School Clear Springs High School Bayside Intermediate School Campbell Elementary School Crime Rate Studies show that League City is safer than 40% of other cities in the US. The following are facts about crime rates in the city. These facts explain how safe the neighborhood is: The violent crime rate per 1000 people in League City is 1.11, which is significantly lesser than the US rate of 4 and the Texas rate of 4.5. The chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime is 1 in 901, which is very less compared to the 1 in 222 chance in Texas. The property crime rate is 13.05 per 1000 which is again lesser than the US average of 19 and the Texas average of 22.62. From this, it is clear that the city is a safe place to stay compared to most other neighborhoods. Housing The average home value in League City is $313,524. The home rates are high compared to the rest of the country and very high compared to the state of Texas. There are 36,000+ homes and apartments in the city. In terms of rental, the average market rate is $1,915 per month. If you are looking for homes for sales in League City Texas, then you will find some of the newest homes here. Home rates have appreciated by 82% in the last ten years making this a great buy.