Lyndon Johnson State ParkLearn about American heritage and history through the life of its 36th President, Lyndon B. Johnson. This is a presidential park that enables visitors to trace their heritage and ancestry. It gives visitors a rare glimpse into the President’s childhood, career, retirement, and final years. The park features several historic areas and a visitor center where you can gain a new perspective into President Johnson’s life.
Pedernales Falls State ParkWhen you are in Johnson City in Texas, one of the places to visit is the Pedernales Falls State Park. If you are looking to spend a great time amidst nature, then you need to visit this park rated as the No.2 place to visit here. There are many reasons why you must not miss out visiting this park.
Exotic Resort ZooExotic Zoo Resort is a privately owned safari park where you can watch more than 700 animals belonging to 45 different species roaming about. You can enjoy petting, playing, and feeding the animals in the zoo.
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