Texas White House

Want to find out what the life of a U.S president must have looked like back in the 1950s? If yes, the Texas White House is the ideal place for you to visit.

Lyndon B. Johnson, the 36th President of the United States, gave his countrymen several gifts, including the Texas White House. Located at the LBJ historic park, the Texas White House narrates the story of its residents, President Johnson, his family, and his political endeavors. 


The White House at Texas was an important place to President Johnson as a national leader and as a child. The place is filled with his childhood memories of when he had initially arrived at the house as a young boy to stay with his uncle and aunt. Later on, President Johnson bought the house from his aunt, and so, the Texas White House became a favorite spot to host important meetings and events.


The house became a hive of political activity throughout President Johnson’s presidency, with politicians from all over the world coming in to visit the Johnsons. Since the Johnson residence became a political hub, it came to be known as the Texas White House during the administration of Lyndon Johnson. In fact, President Johnson was the first President to build a functioning White House outside Washington.

Behind the Texas White House, one can also find a hangar and the airstrip which the Johnsons had got constructed soon after buying the LBJ Ranch. However, as this hangar was more appropriate for small airplanes, President Johnson often flew directly from Washington to the ranch in one of his smaller jets known as Jetstars.

The Texas White House now serves as a memorial to the late President. If you cannot wait to get acquainted with the life and legacy of President Johnson, visit the Texas White House today.