Texas Ranch Brokers

If you’re looking for professional assistance to purchase or sell a ranch in the lone star state, then Texas Ranch Brokers is your best bet.


Texas Ranch Brokers is a partnership between competing firms, Circle C Ranch Sales and Bacon Investments, Inc. Both firms were successful and established investment real estate and ranch firms that operated in Burnet County. Today, TRB is an equal partnership enterprise between Drew Colvin and Mike Bacon. Drew and Mike share management and production responsibilities. The diverse and varied knowledge they possess has contributed to TRB success. TRB has a depth that is lacking in most firms.

2. Team

Texas Ranch Brokers has staff team of 8 licensed professionals who have a diverse set of skills. Apart from our sales personnel, we have marketing directors and assistants, a social media director, a creative writer, a publisher, and a graphic artist in our team. Together we target local, national, and regional markets. In addition, our web design team maintains and updates our online presence.

Our brokerage team possesses an in-depth knowledge of the various facets of Texas ranching. In addition, each bears a personal association with the Texas ranching community.

3. Success

Since TRB’s founding, the company has sold more than $430 million in ranch property encompassing nearly 82,031 acres.

4. Marketing reach

The penetration and reach of TRB’s sales team on the ranch investor and buyer market in Texas community is simply unsurpassed. We use a multi-pronged and comprehensive strategy to ensure we reach qualified buyers as quickly as possible. Our team uses their personal network with social, video, web, print, text, and email to target a wider audience.

Are considering investing or selling a ranch in Texas? Texas Ranch Brokers offers unparalleled support and expertise. Get in touch with us today.