Texas Prison Museum

A visit to the Texas Prison Museum offers a wealth of information on the history of the Texas prison system. It is interesting to learn about the life of the inmates and the daily workings of the prison.

Various types of confiscated weapons, chains, and locks are part of the exhibits on display. An electric chair is the star attraction among the exhibits. There are loads of information about the history of the prison system. The friendly staff is always available to clear your doubts and provide more information about the exhibits.

You can read up all about prison gangs and the history of capital punishment in Texas. There are boards containing information placed near all the exhibits. The Museum also has cells with bunk beds. You also get plenty of information about the famous inmates of this prison. The exhibits illustrate the prisoner’s plight in detail.

The gift shop is an interesting area of the museum. it contains articles crafted by the inmates. You can pick up some interesting caps and T-shirts. The prisoner’s talent is on full display in wooden items like clocks, key chains, and showpieces.

The stitched leather wallets are unique and make memorable gifts. The gift shop allows you to purchase security accessories like badge holders, flashlight holders, glove holders, and baton holders. Interesting posters, glassware, and challenge coins are the other items you can pick up as souvenirs.

The Texas Prison Museum has books based on electrocutions, prison rodeo, and the Texas prison system. There is a well-equipped conference center for those looking to host their meetings or gatherings.

The conference center can accommodate 175 people and contains tables, chairs, and a projection screen. Texas Prison Museum is clean and well maintained. There is plenty of parking space for visitors’ vehicles.