Texas Polka Music Museum

Polka Music

A museum dedicated to music is something unique. Music lovers would enjoy the experience of visiting a museum that commemorates music. If you are in Schulenburg, Texas then you must visit the Texas Polka Music Museum. The museum highlights the music history of Texas with a special focus on ‘polka music’.

About Texas Polka Music Museum


Texas Polka Music Museum

712 Lyonds Ave, Schulenburg, Texas 78956.

Ph: 979 743 4752.


Open 11am to 3pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday only. Admission to the museum is free for all.

Why visit this museum?

  • The Texas Polka Music Museum is one of the few music museums in the country. The museum is dedicated to polka music that has its origins in East Europe (with both the Czechs and Poles laying claim to it).
  • While highlighting Polka music, the museum also helps you understand more about the history of music in Texas.
  • The museum celebrates Texas Polka music bands and musicians with German, Polish, and Czech ancestries. The DJs who play Polka music are also remembered in this museum.
  • Polka musicians have entertained Texans from many decades. The museum tells you all about these musicians. The friendly docent at the museum will answer all your queries and ensure you get all the information you need.
  • Some of the Polka bands that the museum remembers include:
  • Baca Band who played in the 1800s.
  • The Guenther Band that played in 1896.
  • Wilhelm Specht’s Spring Branch of the year 1880.
  • Louie and his Old Time Band of 1947.
  • The museum also celebrates present musicians like Chris Rybak, Jodie Mikula Orchestra, and Czechaholics. 
  • Various CDs are available at the museum. The collection of CDs has 16 songs in each CD. They cost $16.25 and can be purchased at the museum or online from their website. A total of 48 bands are covered in the CDs.