Steinhauser’s is the one-stop-shop for all your farm needs.

If you live in the countryside and have a farm you surely need to visit Steinhauser’s. Steinhauser’s is the one-stop-shop for all your farm needs.

Animal Food

Steinhauser’s store’s food for all types of animals. From small pets to cattle, horses, poultry to exotic animals. If you are interested in feeding wild animals then Steinhauser’s has wildlife feeds in their stock. Their wildlife feeds are suitable for deer, game fish, game birds, and elk. They have special feeds for pigs, sows, and boars.

Steinhauser’s offers high-quality feed from reputed brands to maintain the health and physical appearance of your show animals. They offer a loyalty reward program on some brands of pet food. Under this program, you get an extra food pack free on the purchase of a certain number of pet food packs.

Farm Equipment

You can fulfill all your farm needs with a visit to Steinhauser’s. They stock fencing products from reputed brands like Red Brand and Gallagher. The fencing products include barb wire, welded wire, and gaucho wire. You can purchase either cedar or treated T-posts for your fence. They also stock net fences, game fences, and horse fences.

If pests are a cause of worry then Steinhauser’s has the perfect solution in the form of ranger traps. Their Pied Piper animal traps help to capture animals harmlessly. They also offer sophisticated animal trapping services.

You can purchase stock tanks in different shapes at Steinhauser’s. There is also a vast collection of gates in different sizes and shapes that can effectively restrain your livestock. Visitors can shop for panels, chutes, feeders, and all other livestock handling equipment that you can think about.

While visiting Steinhauser’s you can also pick up high-quality hay and wood shavings for your farm. The hay remains fresh as it is stored in a special hay barn facility.

If you are fond of barbecue then pick up grilling pellets from Steinhauser’s. These direct from the tree pellets provide a good flavor to your food.

Steinhauser’s has soil management products like gypsum, lime, and fertilizers. These can be purchased in bulk form at the store. Some Steinhauser’s stores offer liquid fertilizer application services.