St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary

St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary

This is one of the most unique places to visit in Texas. For real – WOLVES! This place is well managed and the wolves are easily seen.

Located in Navasota, Texas the Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the care of wolves. The sanctuary provides a home for wolves as well as wolfdogs. Those animals that cannot be released into the wild are housed at this sanctuary. The sanctuary welcomes visitors to educate them about these beautiful animals and the need for conserving wolves.


6731 Pavlock Road Navasota Texas 7768-5649

Call at 936 894 9653.

When to visit

Please note that there are no standard visiting times at the sanctuary. This is not a place where you can walk in. You need to take an appointment in advance before visiting. There are different types of tours offered. You can book the tours through an appointment by visiting their website.

Why should you visit this place?

Visitors love this place for the beautiful wolves and wolfdogs and to understand their role in nature. There are different tour options available:

  1. The Sanctuary tour is a general tour of the place so visitors can see the animals and learn more about them.
  2. Scout programs are offered for girl scouts and cub scouts. The program allows them to qualify for the Akela badge or animal badge.
  3. VIP Tour is a special tour where visitors are taken behind the scenes. They understood how volunteers work and how the sanctuary is maintained. They can see the animals close and know their stories.
  4. Howl night is a program allowing visitors to spend the night at the sanctuary. The program has a campfire night with snacks and drinks. Participate in discussions on wolves and get an enriched perspective on wolves.

The sanctuary also has an off-site presentation option where they can come to your place and explain all about their activities. It must be noted that the animals cannot be taken out from the sanctuary.

No food is served in the sanctuary and visitors are not allowed to bring food. They can have food at the nearby restaurants. There are strict rules related to tobacco, alcohol, and drug consumption. Children have to be accompanied by adults at all times. Photos can be taken but not for commercial use without permission.

Visit the St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary website for more information.