Southern Beasts™ by Mary Lou Marks

Southern Beasts

Mary Lou Marks is a self-taught artist living in the picturesque town of Round Top, Texas selling antiques and collectibles to the world.

Her latest endeavor is affectionately called “Southern Beasts”, named in homage to the wonderful creatures she creates. Her imaginative spirit and lifelong love affair with animals, art and collectibles spawned her to design one-of-a-kind artistic creatures and furnishings.

“When I create a unique and special ‘Beast’, I really go to a divine zone and let my crazy, wicked mind take this inanimate object and literally bring it to life” says Mary Lou Marks.  

Only quality antique fabrics, needlepoints, tapestries dating back to the 1800 and 1900’s, vintage costumes, aubussons and other remarkable antique trims and embellishments are carefully selected and featured. Every piece brings eccentric charm to any setting traditional or modern.

Located in the old Teague’s Tavern Building @ 105 N. Live Oak Street, Round Top, Texas 78954


Our regular business hours are: Thursday-Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am-4pm