Singing Vineyard

If you are travelling to Comfort, then one of the top-ranked places to visit is the Singing Vineyard located in the Texas Hill Country. In the winery, there is a tasting room where you can sample great tasting wines. There are many other reasons why you should visit this vineyard in Texas.

Reasons to visit Singing Vineyard

  • Singing Water Vineyard offers stunning views for visitors that showcases the beauty of nature. This is why the vineyard is a popular destination for tourists and locals.
  • The vineyard is great for a day trip where you can get to view the beautiful facilities and taste great wines.
  • When you visit the tasting room, you can pay $22 per tasting and get to enjoy 5 award-winning wines. Listen to live music and sip wine taking in views of the scenery.
  • There are variety of wines to choose from. Some of the top wines you can sample and buy are Sweet Lupe, Blanc de Blancs, Texas Reserve, Viognier, Orange Muscat, Leonara Pinot Noir, and Pinot Grigio.
  • There is a nice seating area where you can have a picnic if you wish. Kids are not left out and can feed the animals in the vineyard. This is a dog-friendly location.
  • Apart from the wines, there are many other items on the menu. You can choose the Singing Water Charcuterie Board and get an assortment of crackers, cheeses, meats, and fruit. Flatbread, Chicken Quesadilla, and cheesecake are other options on the menu to try.
  • The vineyard has a wine club where you can become a part of the Singing Vineyard family. There are different club membership options that entitle you to get bottles of wine delivered based on your choice. Complimentary glasses of wine, invitation to their wine parties, and discounts on tasting are features you can enjoy by being a part of the club.