San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts

A visit to San Angelo Museum is necessary for people who love art. The museum offers lots of free parking space. The wheelchair-accessible galleries are sensitive to the needs of visitors with special needs. The museum aims to enhance the overall quality of life for all community members through art and educational programs.


The museum has permanent collections as well as plenty of space for exhibitions. The permanent collection consists of more than 650 premium quality artworks. These are used for exhibition, study, and scholarly research. This collection contains works by Texas artists both early and contemporary. American Crafts, American painting. Mexican and Mexican-American art and objects purchased from National Ceramic Competitions. Spanish Colonial and Mexican Religious Art are also part of the collection.

Contemporary American Ceramics, as well as ceramics from Europe, Canada, Mexico, and Asia, are also part of the permanent collection. There is a stunning collection of American Manufacture Glass ranging from the Colonial period to the 80s. There are some interesting outdoor sculptures as well.

For book lovers, there is a Scripps Howard Library with 4000 titles and folders.

Educational activites

San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts focuses on lots of educational programs for children and adults. There are artist’s workshops and pottery and clay sculpture classes for children and adults.

SAMFA offers pick-up Art Thursday Packets To-Go to allow people to pursue art at home. There are school tours, multiple visit programs, camps, and workshops. The museum organizes virtual tours and sessions for those who cannot visit the Museums physically.


The museum also organizes concerts by renowned musicians, stimulating and informative lectures, jazz orchestra, and many more events. The museum has a gift shop on its premises where you can pick up an array of merchandise for your friends and family.