Sam Houston Memorial Museum

Get a first-hand view into Texas’s glorious past at the Sam Houston Memorial Museum. Located in Huntsville, Texas, the museum applauds the life and achievements of General Sam Houston. Spread across fifteen acres, the museum is situated on the Houston family’s homestead which is more than two hundred acres. It is an educational institution that gives visitors an appreciation for the history of Texas.

Who was Sam Houston?

He was an American statesman and general who played a pivotal role in the Texas Revolution. He served two tenures in the Republic of Texas and represented Texas in the United States Senate. General Houston and his family lived here until 1858.

What visitors can expect:

1.The Woodland Home- Sam Houston and his wife lived in this home. The house is situated on its original site.

2. General Houston’s Law Office- This is a log cabin that functioned as the General’s office during his tenure as the U.S. Senator.

3. The Rotunda- This is a unique landmark on the complex grounds. It exhibits Sam Houston’s personal artifacts. It also provides information about the Republic of Texas, the state’s annexation, the Civil and Mexican Wars, and some tidbits about the Houston family.

4.Wigwam Neosho- This is a gift shop and museum store. It showcases Texas-inspired handicrafts and souvenirs. It’s a great place to pick up a souvenir!

5. Steamboat House- After returning to Huntsville in 1862, the Houston’s lived in this house. General Houston passed away at this site.

6. Walker Education Center- This is a 22,000 square feet (ca. 20 a) conference center that includes a gallery and an auditorium.

7. Historical Demonstrations -The museum holds many historical demonstrations every month including on blacksmithing, woodworking, and weaving. In addition, cultural events are also held such as the Harvest Festival and the Houston Folk Festival.

8. The landscaped grounds of the site are a worthwhile place to take a stroll. It features several cabins, a duck pond, and a herb garden.

A trip to Texas is incomplete without a visit to the Sam Houston Memorial Museum.