Rusty Rooster

Rusty Rooster

If you want to savor some delicious homemade chicken in a friendly atmosphere then a visit to Rusty Rooster is a must. This family-owned business serves made-to-order fresh chicken delicacies. They have indoor and outdoor seating and the service is prompt. Most of the items on the menu are available in regular and family sizes.


The menu offers lots of variety in terms of portion sizes. In almost all dishes you can choose the number of fish or chicken pieces. You can also choose whether you want your dish spicy or regular.

The chicken is perfectly spiced. You can feel the flavors but the spice does not burn your mouth. The chicken tenders are large and filling. They are also crispy and fresh. The chicken strips are not greasy and are served hot.

The catfish is another favorite on the menu. The gizzards are the best in town. You will have to wait for them as they are cooked after you place the order. But their taste makes them worth the wait.

If you are not very hungry then you can grab the snack packs that are available with fries and biscuits.

The dinner menu offers you a choice between 2 or 3 pieces of white or dark chicken. There are combo meals that combine chicken pieces with sides and a drink at affordable prices.

Side dishes

This is one eatery where the side dishes compete for attention with the main course. The mashed potatoes and corn nuggets are unlike any other side dish. You can enjoy your meal with sweet tea. The shrimp platter is another item on the menu that you must taste. You can enjoy 10 mouthwatering shrimps, 2 sides, and 2 hushpuppies. You can also order all the tasty Rusty Rooster dishes online.