Ronin Farm

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Are you looking for a unique dining experience? Visit Ronin Farm for the a true Texas farm dining experience.

Are you looking for a rustic dining experience surrounded by nature? If so, then a trip to Ronin Farm should be on your to-do list. When you visit Ronin Farm, get ready to receive the warmest welcome from the farm dog, chickens, pigs, and guinea fowl.


Ronin Farm is a feast for all of your senses. Located in the heart of Bryan, Texas, on 363 Creekside Drive, Ronin Farm is a sprawling fifteen-acre farmstead. The area is a picturesque scene, complete with a country garden, a barn fitted with a dance floor, and a forested dining space. Ronin Farm is the perfect place to host a party, bridal shower, concert, and even a wedding!


Ronin Farm offers guests mouth-watering delights that are made using ingredients sourced directly from the farm or local farmers. The menu for Ronin’s family-farm cuisine is always evolving and features fresh, seasonal ingredients. Guests get to enjoy farm-style cooking in the newly-renovated Ice House. This historic building offers an antique vibe with its floor-to-ceiling exposed brickwork and suspension tables.

What sets this place apart from other restaurants is their connection with food. Since supermarkets are now commonplace, family gardens are all but obsolete. As a result, many people have lost touch with food. They do not know what it means to cook, process, and grow their food.

Luckily, Ronin Farms will bridge that gap. The establishment prides itself on maintaining a sense of community.

What to expect?

There’s something new and exciting happening every month at the farm.


Every night of the week, Ronin Farm hosts various events. Whether it’s learning about whiskey, sampling wipes, jiving to live music, or competing in trivia night, there’s something for everyone.

Full Moon Dinner

Indulge in a nine-course menu amidst a forest backdrop. The evening begins with a tour of the farm and culminates with a delectable menu that showcases the farm’s latest produce. The meal is prepped in a professional kitchen located within the barn. Finally, the night is topped off with a walk along a candle-lit path that leads into the farm’s herb garden. Here, guests are treated to a delightful dessert underneath a star-filled sky.

Treat yourself to nature’s bounty at Ronin Farm. Visit the Ronin Farm website for more information.