Pedego Electric Bikes West Houston

Pedego Electric Bikes

The best way to experience a day in the Texas country. Rent e-bikes and explore the country roads west of Houston.

Electric bikes are a great eco-friendly way to travel. For people who are conscious about the impact their activities on the environment, travelling using these bikes is an eco-friendly activity. The bikes do not use fuel and run on electric charge. Pedego Electric Bikes is one of the well-known makers of electric bikes. They now have an outlet in West Houston from where tourists can rent electric bikes to explore the city.


11605 Fry Road Suite 107 Fulshear TX 77441.

Call on (832) 777 3727.

When to visit

The outlet is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6 pm. It is closed on Monday and Tuesday.

Why visit

Whether you want to rent an electric bike or buy one for yourself, this is the place to visit. Tours are offered for visitors to help them use the bike and explore the city. There are also self-guided tours on offer. If you don’t want a tour, rent the bike for the duration you want and explore the city.

The Pedego electric bike is very convenient to ride. The bikes can be charged at the store as well as at other charging locations. One full charge allows to ride the bike for 50 miles (without pedaling). This makes it convenient for a local trip since you are unlikely to ride 50 miles a day. If you prefer to pedal, then you save energy. Using the bike is the best way to travel. Pedal to ride the bike and you get a good workout. When you feel tired, use the throttle to propel the bike forward using the electric charge.

This is a great way to travel, which is why visitors flock to this center to get bikes on rental and avail of their tours. They have a guide who can take you around different trails to explore the beauty of the city and the surrounding greenery. Travel through scenic places pedaling or using the throttle as per your convenience. The friendly staff will ensure you enjoy your tour. It is a great family outing idea with kids and teens sure to enjoy the electric bike tour.

Visit the Pedego Electric Bike Company website for more information