Novosad’s BBQ

Novosads BBQ

Novosad’s BBQ is a family-owned business with some secret recipes. This simple place has an old-world charm. You can purchase sausages by the plate or pound. Their recipes have been featured in Texas Monthly. The staff is friendly and the place is clean. Their chicken is sourced from local farms. If you arrive late you may miss their BBQs.

Excellent BBQs

The briskets are smoked slowly and perfectly. They have a very nice smoke ring which gives them a good flavor. The briskets and meat are tender with a slightly smoky flavor that enhances the taste of meat.

Their brisket is cooked for 6 to 8 hours to get the perfect flavor and texture. You can get the briskets in sandwiches or plates. The tender pork in the sandwich has a perfectly smoked flavor.

Mouthwatering sides accompany the BBQs. You can choose your side dishes. The beans in the side dishes are perfectly cooked and spicy. Also worth trying are freshly made coleslaw and potato salad.

The pork steak has a melt-in-the-mouth flavor. The smoked lamb ribs are perfectly smoked on all sides and every bite lets out a unique flavor.


The sausages at Novosad’s BBQ are made on the spot. They are handmade without too much fat. That explains the dry, fresh taste. The sausages are made using Czech recipes containing a blend of spices.

The handmade sausage tastes good whether they are served on their own, as a side dish, or mixed with scrambled eggs. All sausages have a hint of spice. The spices do not overwhelm the natural flavor of the meat. The sausages come from local farms.

Homemade Weiners

Store bought sausage can be over-processed and may contain preservatives. Novosad BBQ offers handmade sausage with no fillers making them perfect for children.