Lyndon Johnson State Park

Learn about American heritage and history through the life of its 36th President, Lyndon B. Johnson. This is a presidential park that enables visitors to trace their heritage and ancestry. It gives visitors a rare glimpse into the President’s childhood, career, retirement, and final years. The park features several historic areas and a visitor center where you can gain a new perspective into President Johnson’s life.

This historic park paints a picture of America’s 36th president. It starts with his ancestors and ends with his final resting site at the LBJ Ranch. The park offers a tour of America’s most notable citizens. 

What can you do when you visit the Lyndon Johnson National Park?

First, head to the Visitors Center. Here, volunteers and park rangers are ready to help you plan your tour of the area and answer your question. There are exhibits of the President’s life on display including his presidential accomplishments. Visitors may also view two short films upon request. 

Next, head to his Boyhood home. The President resided here from age 5 until he graduated in 1924.

Visitors get to see his home and its interiors which is decorated in the mid-1920s period. The home depicts Texas rural life that existed 75 years ago.

The third stop on your park itinerary is the Johnson Settlement. It was a cattle droving site in the 1860s set up by Johnson’s grandparents and great-uncle. The site features barns, a log cabin, a windmill, and a cooler house. There is a modern exhibit that showcases the settlement history of the Johnson family and surviving in Hill Country. Visitors will get a glimpse of the “cowboy” atmosphere here. 

The last stop in the park is the LBJ Ranch. The late President had a deep attachment to this ranch. It is where he was born, died, and buried. After his death in 1973, his wife continued to live here until her death in 2007.

Other park highlights include virtual tours of the White House, a visit to the Johnson family cemetery, and a retail shop.

Visitors may tour the ranch as they like in their own vehicles. Visit the Lyndon Johnson State Park today.