Llano County Jail

Looking for a thrilling adventure during your visit to Texas? The Llano County Jail is filled with spine-tingling adventure. Also called the Red Top Jail, it is a historic site that is a part of the National Register of Historic Places in Texas.

Located in the center of Llano’s city square, the facility was erected in 1893 for $11,500. It took only eight months to build the place. Marble, granite, and sandstone were used to construct the building. The inside of the jail was damaged twice, but after restoration, it is still in use by the local government.

The jail was put to use in 1895. Its prisoners were housed on the second and third levels. The first floor was occupied by the Sheriff and his family It also housed the office and family living areas. On the third and fourth floors were the gallows and dunk tanks.

 The jail was designed by the architect W.S. and F.W. Hull. Construction of the facility was undertaken by Pauly Jail and Manufacturing Company. Built in Romanesque Revival style, the builders sourced gray granite quarried from Llano county. The name ‘Red Top’was was given due to the facility’s red roof. It was used as a jail until 1982.

Why should you visit the Red Top Jail?

  • Experience firsthand the beautiful architecture of the jail. 
  • Get guided tours of each floor including eight jail cells. 
  • The tour also includes a visit to the gallows and dunk tanks.
  • Get a rare glimpse into how prisoners were housed, how they lived and slept, etc.
  • Learn about the paranormal activities recorded at the facility by various paranormal societies. Visitors have the chance to hear electronic voice recordings of these ‘ghosts’. 
  • The historic society in charge of the jail also stages jailbreaks to demonstrate how prisoners would try to escape the facility.

Looking for a different adventure during your visit to Texas? Head to the Llano County Jail.