Lampasas Store

If you are looking for a place to shop for some high-quality home decor, furnishings, and apparel, make sure to visit the Lampasas Store (Rustler’s Junction) in Texas.

Rustler’s Junction is a popular family-owned and managed business located in the heart of the hill country of Texas, Lampasas. From offering indoor shopping to delivering your merchandise at home, the store offers a wide range of services to ensure an ultimate shopping experience for their customers. The following are some items available at the Rustler’s Junction:

1. Furniture: 

Rustler’s Junction houses some of the finest pieces of furniture made of real wood and leather. The wide variety of handcrafted items will surely catch your eye. 

2. Home Decor: 

The Lampasas Store provides a large selection of creative framed artworks, statues, and flower arrangements that can give your home a unique aesthetic appeal. There are also some fantastic bedding sets, bathing items, candles, and cowhides to be found here.

3. Statues and Patio Furniture: 

Rustler’s Junction features a stunning collection of non-corrosive realistic life-like aluminum statues that will last a lifetime. So, you may use them in your yards, entry gates, indoors, or on patios.

4. Outdoor Decor: 

The store offers several items to decorate outdoor areas like pottery, wind chimes, steel art, wind spinners, and much more at the lowest prices possible. 

5. Apparel & Accessories: 

In addition to furniture and home decor, there is a large selection of distinctive jewelry, t-shirts, hats, Southwest Baja’s and Bags, wallets, and other accessories.

6. Kid’s World: From cowboy-themed toys to clothing and furnishings, there are a plethora of options for children as well.

The store is located at a convenient location that can be easily accessed from four different streets. There is also ample parking space available in case you wish to bring your own vehicle.