Lacey Farms Lavender Essential Oil Products

About Our Lavender Farm

It has long been Shannon’s dream to move back to the country and have a family farm or ranch, so we began looking for our dream land a few years ago. Shannon developed her craft of producing lavender based products. Fred and Shannon Lacey, owners and founders decided where ever they ended up, they would start a lavender farm. Fred and Shannon had no idea what was about to happen. Six weeks after planting the first field of lavender, their son in law, Nick Loucks landed the Kroger account for the lavender products and off they went to producing for a large wholesale account. Today, Fred and Shannon’s products are in about 85 stores in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas thanks to a wonderful distributor in Montgomery, TX called Jade Consolidated.

Fred and Shannon planted their first lavender plants Mother’s Day weekend in 2015 with 1500 Provence Lavender plants. Over the course of the next two years, they struggled with these plants with the amount of moisture our soil retained after heavy rains and lost about 800 plants. Since that time, the Lacey’s have tried many varieties until they found one that is hearty with the climate and soil condition at their farm. They found that Big Boy James does well with the heat and humidity, but the unusually cold weather that they encountered in the last couple of years has not been good for them. Fred and Shannon are hoping to make a decision soon on replanting on the farm or on another property.  

About the Lavender Business

Shannon worked hard in formulating and creating the finest handcrafted essential oil products. Fred and Shannon handcraft a variety of lavender based products on the farm located in Burton, TX. Everything made has either lavender essential oil or lavender buds. Currently they handcraft 5 different varieties of soap, lotion, bath salts, foaming sugar scrub, sachets, spritzers and lavender oil.

We have been blessed to have the Kroger account and a great distributor, Jade Company, to bring our products to a large consumer base. We also sell our products on this site as well.