Explore America is the leading community discovery platform in the United States.

Explore America includes three unique platforms –,, and All three platforms attract affluent Americans who are shopping for real estate, places to shop, and professional services. attracts people who are shopping for a place to live in rural U.S. is for people who are interested in land investments and rural real estate for sale. is for the modern elite who are shopping for yachts, luxury real estate, and planes for sale.

Community Sponsor Benefits

Community Sponsors benefit from full-screen display advertisements placed in the best location on each city page. All Community Sponsors get a complimentary article written about their business which drives extra engagements and traffic from search engines.

Large Featured Display Ads hosts the largest display slide show ads on any website that is designed for users to find businesses. The display ads are full screen, high definition, and optimized for all devices.

We only feature the best local businesses in the Community Sponsor slideshow. Community sponsors are the most recognized businesses and they have proven to go above and beyond for their customers, clients, and community.

Featured Articles

Each Community Sponsor also receives a complementary article that tells readers about why they should shop at the business or use their services. The articles are indexed monthly by Google and other search engines which means they naturally generate more views for each Community Sponsor.

Each featured article is at least 300 words in length and are written by professional copywriters who are experts in writing for search engine optimization.

Community Sponsors include real estate brokers, insurance agents, restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, and dozens of other community-focused businesses.

Leading Broker Sponsorship

Leading brokers in every community have an extra high-quality full width advertisement on the real estate listings page for each community.

Just like the Community Sponsorship, this display ad is reserved for the best of the best in the community. We work with the local chamber of commerce and to identify the leading brokers in each community.

How we generate excitement for your community focuses on getting the right information to the right local audiences on all popular apps and web browsers.

Automatic Google Display Ad Campaign

We automatically run Google Display Ad campaigns for each community. The campaigns are a great way to target attractive advertisements to people who are browsing their favorite websites, apps, and games. automatically generates millions of ad impressions each year for hundreds of communities across the United States. It’s the equivalent of having a digital billboard for each community that is only shown to people who are interested in either visiting or moving to the community.

Community Sponsors, like Classic Rock Coffee Shop, automatically benefit from millions of ad views each year.

Google Search Ad Campaigns

When a Community Sponsor joins, invests a portion of the sponsorship into a Google Search Ad Campaign. This type of campaign accelerates the community’s ability to gather high-value visitor to their Community page.

This type of Google Search Ad Campaign puts the Community above major 3rd party travel and tourism websites like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and other major websites.

Local Influencer Posts

We work with hundreds of local influencers to post about their positive experiences at our Community Sponsor businesses. Local influencers have between 3,000 and 30,000 followers who mostly live within a 50 mile radius of the Influencer. Community Sponsors benefit directly from the hundreds of likes, shares, and comments the posts by the Influencers receive.

The Explore Magazine

High quality magazines for rural American towns. Our magazines feature the best experiences, real estate for sale, and places to shop and eat in rural America. We would love to hear from you if you are a Chamber of Commerce leader in a community with great places to eat, shop, and live in rural America.

High-Quality Community Magazines

Explore America goes beyond the digital experience to offer a high-quality magazine that features beautiful full page ads and content about the community’s best places to shop, eat, and visit. The magazine is often one of the best marketing tools for community leaders to attract new businesses and stimulate interest from shoppers and diners.

The Explore Magazine is the ultimate addition to Community Sponsors who want to stay at the top of mind for visitors and new residents. It’s also one of the best avenues for Community Leaders to attract new residents and businesses.

How do I join

Joining is easy. Call our Sales Team at 844-424-7424 to schedule a Zoom Meeting with an Account Executive.

Are you interested in land investments and luxury property?

Investment Land and Rural Developments

The marketplace is for the most established land brokers and rural real estate developers. The user interface features the best rural properties and land for sale in the United States.

It’s free for all MLS Members to automatically syndicate their listings to,, and via the Listhub syndication app.

Luxury Property Sales

From planes to luxury vacation homes to yachts, this website has it all. Affluent Americans can easily search luxury property for sale around the world. This website features the leading brokers for all major luxury property sales and purchases.

Luxury Property Group is the best way for luxury real estate brokers to advertise their listings and services to a global group of luxury real estate buyers. Yacht and plane brokers also benefit from publishing their listings on Luxury Property Group. The platform is promoted on search engines, social media, and radio.

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Joining is easy. Call our Sales Team at 844-424-7424 to schedule a Zoom Meeting with an Account Executive.