Jacob’s Well

This scenic spot is the second biggest fully submerged cave in Texas. The most amazing part is that the temperature of the water stays constant at 68 degrees.

If you are tired of swimming in concrete swimming pools then you must head to Jacob’s Well Natural Area. This area is spread out over more than 81 acres. The artesian spring releases plenty of water throughout the day.

Swimming is only one of the activities here. Visitors to this place can enjoy picnic areas, birding, hiking trails, scenic photography, labyrinth, sundial, and geocaching.

Guided tours

Entry to the natural area is absolutely free. You must pay a fee and reserve your slot in advance for swimming in Jacob’s well. Guided tours are available for visitors. The hour-long guided tours pass through compacted granite and natural surface trails.

Visitors can learn more about the history of the place, local wildlife, vegetation, and the aquifer system in these tours. There is a separate play area for children.

Education opportunities

The Nature Center at Jacob’s Well Natural Area offers maps and historical photos of the well. Those looking for more information can browse the library or talk to the knowledgeable staff.

Fun and Games

Geocaching is a popular activity in Jacob’s Well Natural Area. It gives you plenty of exercise along with great fun. Jacob’s Well Area is well regulated. The authorities strictly prohibit unruly conduct and the destruction of vegetation. The water is clear and the place has beautiful scenery.

There are plenty of fun and educational activities for children of all ages. The natural beauty in this site makes the visit a memorable experience. A swim in the cold, clear water is refreshing. There are clean restrooms and educational boards about Texas nature placed in the park.