History of Bleiblerville, Texas

BLEIBLERVILLE, in northwest Austin County on Highway 2502. It was originally part of the 1830’s Shelbourne Plantation. German’s settled in the area as the plantations were downsized into small farmsteads. A Swiss immigrant, Robert Bleibler,came in 1889 and operated a peddler wagon selling goods from farm to farm in exchange for farm produce. In 1890 Bleibler bought an existing store (ca. 1864). The community grew rapidly with the influx of many German immigrants in the late nineteenth century, and its post office was established in 1891. In 1892 he became Postmaster with a post office in his store and at this time the community officially became Bleiblerville. The community expanded in the 1960s with the increase of oil drilling in the community but has since declined.
In 1900 a Czech SPJST (Slavic Benevolent Order of the State of Texas) Lodge was formed. A meeting hall built by the group in 1914 was remodeled to its current appearance in 1955. The Nelsonville SPJST Lodge merged with this group in 1993 and today is still active in its mutual aid activities and community functions.