High Hill Distillery

High Hill Distillery

Looking for the perfect place to take your date? The High Hill Distillery located 3337 CR 122, in Hallettsville, Texas is ideal for individuals who have a passion for liqueurs and spirits. Ever wonder how your favorite spirit is made or the various stages it undergoes to get its distinct flavor? A tour at High Hill Distillery will help you get the answer to all these questions and more!

Why visit High Hill Distillery?

This unique place is a reflection of the people who started it and their traditions, heritage, and culture. In their tasting room, you and your friend (or date or spouse) will get to taste some of the finest rum in all of Texas. The distillery handcrafts all its rum from fresh ingredients and painstakingly distills it via copper alembic pot stills. The rum is aged in one of three ways- High Hill 1884, High Hill Elbe, and High Hill Reserve. In each method, the rum is placed in a special, aged, oak barrel and flavored with special ingredients such as roasted nuts, spices, vanilla, coffee, coconut, and even amaretto. 

You will get a chance to see these huge copper pots. It will help you gain an appreciation for the whole process of rum-making. This is an ideal setting to learn something new. Don’t forget to impress your friends with your knowledge of fine rum. 

High Hill Distillery is set against a beautiful, scenic backdrop. It’s the best place to win a few browning points with your date. The place holds a lot of Instagram potential. 

At the end of the tasting tour, you have a chance to purchase your favorite rum profile produced by High Hill Distillery. 

Find out why everyone in Texas is drinking High Hill Distillery rum. Visit us today!