HEB Grocery Store

HEB has a robust system for procuring and storing its products which ensures that you get only fresh products. The stores are open every day from 6 am to 11 pm.

Apart from all the usual fruits, dairy, bread, and other products, HEB is also home to a lot of exotic products which you don’t find in other stores. Their diary section stores everything from Bulgarian Yogurt to high-quality cheese and eggs from soy-free pasture-raised hens. If you are looking for expeller-pressed sunflower oil or a single serving of ghee at reasonable prices then you are at the right place.

If your shopping list comprises difficult to procure items like non-propellant coconut oil spray, toasted sesame oil spray, organic coconut avocado oil blend, then head to HEB. You can also experiment with a non-propellant grass-fed ghee oil

If you are on a diet then try the gluten-free breadcrumbs. HEB stores the freshest honey produced locally. Good quality salad dressings, low carb tortilla with expeller pressed canola oil, gluten-free soy sauce are some healthy foods in the store.

Have a look at local hibiscus tea with natural ingredients and unsweetened green tea from Japan in the tea section. Pick up barrel-aged maple vinegar and bone broth at reasonable prices. You can purchase items like 100 percent grass-fed beef, young coconut meat, or young coconut.

Health-conscious customers will like organic immune shots made of turmeric. Butter lovers can choose between Europen style butter and American butter. Shell out a little more for grass-fed butter and grass-fed ghee butter

Dessert lovers will love Dark chocolate espresso cups and dark chocolate brownie bites made using natural ingredients. There is a vast selection of Kombucha with low sugar and clean ingredients. You also find cold brew coffee with plant ingredients at HEB.