Handy Shop Nursery

Handy Shop Nursery

A garden adds the much-needed touch of greenery to your home. Lack of knowledge or the necessary equipment can hamper your gardening dreams. A visit to Handy Shop Nursery is the first step to start your gardening journey.


Handy Shop Nursery offers you a variety of choices ranging from 3.5 inches (ca. 9 cm) potted plants to 100-gallon trees. Their knowledgeable staff will guide you to select the right citrus, fruit, or shade tree. You can also choose plants that can survive drought to those that repel deer.

You also find plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds at the nursery. If you want to grow vegetables or shrubs then Handy Shop Nursery stocks them too. Whether you choose to plant in the sun or shade, Handy Shop Nursery has the perfect plant for you. If you are looking for any rare variety of plants, they get it for you.


The Handy Shop Nursey takes care of all your gardening needs. Beginning with professional advice regarding your plants to planting and maintaining them. Their personalized landscape consulting service offers ideas, plant suggestions, and problem-solving suited to your individual needs.

Their never-expiring gift certificates are a perfect gift for your loved ones. The Handy Shop Nursey offers free delivery locally.


The Handy Shop Nursery understands that gardening requires much more than plants. They stock mulches, premium soil, compost, and potteries. You can select the right soil for your plant type and weather with their assistance.

You can also purchase statues, fountains, birdbaths, and wind chimes to beautify your gardens. Their special plant food will keep your plants healthy for years to come.

All the pesticides, fungicides, and garden cleaning equipment are also available at Handy Shop Nursery. Their website has loads of information about the various plants and gardening methods.