Hamilton Pool Preserve

Hamilton Pool Preserve is a top-rated place to visit in Dripping Springs, Texas. This is a park that offers various activities like hiking, swimming and has picnic spots. If you are looking to enjoy a trip in beautiful surroundings, then don’t miss out visiting this preserve.

There are many reasons why you must visit the Hamilton Pool Preserve:

  • The Preserve allows you to enjoy nature at its best when you visit for a picnic or to go hiking.
  • You can make reservations to visit the park online. This ensures convenience and prevents crowding inside the preserve. The reservation timings are strictly enforced and must be followed.
  • There are many hiking trails available in this preserve that is spread across 232 acres. You can choose to hike on your own or opt for the guided hiking trail depending on your requirement. The guided tour will tell you about local geological features unique to this place. You need to check if the guided tours are available during your visit.
  • This is a place where you can enjoy nature at its best without any modern connivances. There is no electricity or water here and this is nature at its rawest best.
  • You can visit either during the morning (9 to 12:30) or afternoon (2 to 5:30).
  • What is unique about this place is that the pool water levels remain constant irrespective of the weather condition. While the water in the falls may reduce, the pool levels don’t.
  • While swimming is one of the activities to enjoy, there are restrictions due to certain issues, so do check with the preserve before visiting.
  • If you love taking photographs, then you will find many photo opportunities here.
  • You must be aware that camping and cooking inside the preserve is not allowed. Pets are also not allowed.