Hallet Oak Foundation

Hallet Oak Foundation

Hallet Oak Foundation has set up the Hallet Oak Gallery with a mission to promote art among the public. The Hallet Oak Gallery functions as an art, performance, and learning center. This free-to-enter gallery holds regular art exhibits and various other activities to promote art.

Their art programs are targeted at visitors, adults, families, senior citizens, and tourists. The core focus is health and the environment. Their STEAM programs integrate arts into areas of math, science, and technology.

Historic venue

The Hallet Oak Galley building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building is made up of Italianate, Neo-Grec, and Romanesque revival architectural styles.

Their activities

Their guided tours and interactive activities are open to the public and allow you to have in-depth knowledge about art. The learning opportunities include crafts, museum-quality films, jewelry making, and plenty of other activities.

Their educational outreach efforts also include workshops on theater, dance, music, and painting. These workshops have minimal entry fees. There are live music performances and summer camps for youngsters.

Artists get an affordable space to teach or create art under the Artist Studio Program. Visitors can see and experience the process of making paintings firsthand. The Gallery also holds seasonal spring, summer, fall, and winter-themed events.

The gallery’s activities also extend to revitalizing and beautifying the town through art and culture. Their beautification days include projects for children. Adopt-a-Highway is a clean-up project for adults and senior citizens.

To improve art awareness among the public they organize public art displays throughout main fairways and historic districts.

Art Exhibits

You can enjoy paintings in oil, pastels, watercolor, and acrylics by both international and regional artists. Works by sculptors and gourd art is also exhibited. There are pen and ink drawings and also jewelry designs on display in the gallery.