Fort Concho

If you are interested in the evolution of the American identity in the late 19th century and 20th century then a visit to Fort Concho is a must.


Fort Concho houses more than 20,000 historic objects. These objects date as far back as 1865. Many of these objects are sourced from archaeological excavations.

The museum collection at Fort Concho includes an array of objects used by the U.S Army, civilians, and indigenous people. The objects give you a glimpse into the diverse history of various cultures in the past.

You get to see amazing objects from some private collections. These include collections from Douglas McChristian of Arizona. The E.H Danner Museum of Telephony tells you all about the history of telephone communication. Fort Concho also houses original oil paintings by Lee Cable. The paintings portray moments from the life of Charles Goodnight.


You can take a guided or self-guided tour of Fort Concho. In the guided tour a trained guide gives you all the information about the history of the site and its people. This tour is extremely educative as well as entertaining.

If you want to explore Fort Concho at your own pace, then the Fort staff will help you with a map and directions to maximize your visit. They will also gladly answer all your queries about the site and its history. There are special tours for school groups. Fort Concho has a busy calendar with various events and educational programs. Christmas transforms the Fort into a winter wonderland with a food court, music, and various activities.

Sutler Store

If you want to buy some gifts or moments then do visit the Sutler store inside Fort Concho. You can shop from a range of clothing, books, toys, collectibles, jewelry, and other items.