Flags over Texas Monument

Flags over Texas Monument Inscription.  
From a time before recorded history the area around the confluence of the Brazos and Navasota Rivers, along the La Bahia trail has been a magnet to travelers and a place to rest and reflect on the heritage of Texas. This monument celebrates that heritage with a timeline of flags, representing the Nations who built Texas unique character.


Beginning with the first Europeans to explore under the flag of Spain in 1519 Texas became a destination, a vast unknown space to conquer. Spain flew the first flag during their rule of most of Texas from 1519 to 1685 (168 years) and 1690 to 1821 (131 years, a total of 299 years).


In 1685 France sought to expand their holding in North America and sent their own explorers. A French Nobleman named Rene Robert Cavalier, Sieur de la Salle founded an ill fated colony called Fort Saint Louis near Matagorda Bay. He was killed by one of his own men as he explored this region. It flew from 1685 to 1690.


Mexico followed the United States declaring itself free and independent of Spain and establishing a fledgling Republic on September 16, 1821. That same year Impresario Stephen F. Austin was granted permission to establish a colony with 300 families. By 1830 political and cultural differences began to put a strain on relations between Texans and the government in Mexico. The final straw for many Texans was when Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna tore up the Mexican Constitution and declared himself Dictator.


It was during this time of political turmoil and strife that the town of Washington was established and settlers began to congregate near what would become Navasota, March 2, 1836 representatives in convention at Washington declared all Texas free and independent of the government of the Republic of Mexico. With the Texan victory at San Jacinto on 1836-1849 April 21, 1836 their independence was secured and the young republic grew by leaps and bounds.

United States

The new nation’s capital was set in Washington in 1842 and the region continued to prosper, the La Bahia Road and Brazos River becoming arteries of communication and commerce. As Texas grew she struggled through many difficulties with neighbors and finances. A vibrant nation of rugged individualists found they wanted a partner for the future, so the Lone State of Texas joined the Star Spangled Banner, joining the United States officially on February 19, 1846.

Confederate States

The Confederate flag was the sixth flag, flying from 1861 to 1865.

The Flags over Texas monument is an impressive capture of almost 500 years of Texas History. The Inspiration for the display came from the Washington on the Brazos Board of Directors. The location on the Navasota City Park demonstrates the importance of participation and support of the surrounding communities and Washington on the Brazos. The contribution of a park space by the City of Navasota made the display possible.
Flags over Texas Monument is located at400 Veteran’s Memorial Dr., Navasota, TX 77868