Fanthorp Inn State Historic Site

The double-pen, cedar log dogtrot house was built by an English immigrant, Henry Fanthorp and his bride, Rachel Kennard, when Texas was part of Mexico. Fanthorp petitioned Stephen F. Austin in 1832 for permission to settle in this original Austin Colony. He bought 1,100 acres and built his house in 1834 on the road that crossed his land, thus bringing travelers to his door immediately. Henry Fanthorp was appointed postmaster by the provisional Texas government in 1835, and saw the advantage of offering other services and goods to his frequent visitors. Within time, Fanthorp’s Inn became a well-known stopping place for both travelers and the community.

By 1835 Fanthorp had become postmaster for the area. Over time, the Fanthorp home evolved into a well-known country inn with a clapboard exterior and an expansive addition in 1850.

Notable guests include Henderson K Yoakum, Kenneth Anderson, Dr. Anson Jones, and Sam Houston.

Fanthorp Inn functioned as a country hotel and tavern until shortly after Henry and Rachel died of yellow fever in 1867, at which time it was converted back into a family home for their daughter Mary and her family.

Purchased by Texas Parks and Wildlife in 1977, the Inn underwent extensive archeological, architectural and historical investigations. Restored to its 1850s glory, Fanthorp Inn once again reigns supreme, opening its doors to the public for guided tours, school programs, adult group tours, and special events.