Eve on the Square

Are you visiting Lampasas in Texas? If so, then drop into Eve’s Café to sample their delicious fare. This eatery is ranked No. 1 among the restaurants in the town of Lampasas. This is reason enough to eat at this place when you are passing by the town. If you want more reason, read on to know why this is the best place to eat.

Why eat at Eve on the Square?

  • Eve’s Café on the Square is a restaurant that offers German and European fare for its guests. The café also offers vegetarian dishes.
  • There are specials offered at the café on specific days. Check out in advance so you can visit on the day when the special of your choice is available.
  • If you want great food and good service, then this is the place to visit in Lampasas. If you go during rush time, you can visit the art gallery next door. The restaurant staff will call you when seating is available. A good way to spend time while waiting.
  • The restaurant’s specialty is Schnitzel. This is breaded pork loin that has traditional as well as toppings of your choice. A tasty German salad is served with this dish along with French Fries or Spatzle to make it a complete meal. This is one of the popular dishes at this café that you must try out.
  • Some of the variations of Schnitzel on the menu include Rahm Schnitzel, Paprika Schnitzel, Wiener Schnitzel, and Bauern Schnitzel.
  • Other dishes to try out at this café are Schnitzel salat and Bavarian Butcher block salat. There are also 8 oz burgers on the menu to try out. Hamburger, cheese burger, Hawaiian burger, and Jalapeno cheddar burger is available on select days of the week.
  • Bratwurst, ham dishes, pastrami, sandwiches, and a variety of side dishes are available. End your meal with Black forest cake or any other dessert of your choice.