Devil’s Backbone

The Devil’s Backbone Scenic Drive is of the top-rated things to do when you visit Wimberley in Texas. The Devil’s Backbone sounds scary but it is just a route that has become famous thanks to the attractions on offer. The route runs through Texas Hill Country covering US highway 281 and many farm roads.

  • Devil’s Backbone is a scenic drive that is a must for nature lovers. It is also a drive that car enthusiasts must not miss out on. The drive allows them to enjoy the scenic beauty of Texas Hill Country with all the attractions available along the route.
  • Apart from the view, there is an attractive spot with picnic tables. It is a great place to stop and have an enjoyable family picnic outing.
  • It is a two lane road with many twists and turns offering an enjoyable ride. The drive is for 30 miles and you can spend a relaxing hour or more.
  • There are many attractions of the Hill Country that you will find along this route. You can spend time at these attractions during the drive. One of the attractions is Jacob’s Well, a perennial spring.
  • Canyon Lake is another attraction along this route. The lake is one of the deepest ones in Texas.
  • The Devil’s Backbone Tavern is on this route and if you want to stop for a drink, this is the best place.
  • Purgatory Road is where people are supposed to have spotted ghosts and spirits, so keep a watch for the ethereal beings.
  • Along this route, you can buy fresh produce grown by local farmers that include watermelons, apples, and peach.