Cuero Pecan House

Are you new to Cuero, Texas or a visitor? Do you love pecans and baked goods containing pecans? If so, then don’t miss visiting the Cuero Pecan House.

The pecan, as you may know, is the state nut of Texas. This is why people of Cuero love pecans and dishes that have pecans. When you visit the Cuero Pecan House on South Railroad Street, you can get a wide range of baked goods, fresh pecans, and various other products.

Why visit Cuero Pecan House?

  • Cuero Pecan House is a café that offers a wide selection of meals, desserts, and gifts. Pecan is the main attractions. You can buy fresh pecans here and use them in whatever way you want.
  • There are a variety of food items, casseroles, and pies served at the café. Some of the popular dishes you find are beef barley soup, corn muffin, chicken pot pie, shepherd pie, and the Gobbler turkey sandwich.
  • Visitors can buy pecan oil, pecan pies, Cowboy and cowgirl cookies, frozen meals to take home, pecan candy, bread pudding, coconut pies, and chocolate pies. There is also buttermilk pie, which is a unique item you will find in this store. Pumpkin cream cheese is a signature dish of this store.
  • Apart from food and baked goods, there are many other gift items you can buy here. If you are visiting Cuero, then you can take home gifts and memorabilia from here.
  • One of the key reasons why you should buy here is that all goods are fresh. In fact, the demand for the store’s products is such that the most popular items sell out fast. So, when you come here, you can be sure you will get fresh products that taste great.
  • The store is wheelchair-friendly. The staff at the café are friendly and welcome you with warmth. The customer service at Cuero Pecan House has been well-appreciated by customers.