Cristoval Vineyards

Wine Connoisseurs cannot miss a visit to Christoval Vineyards. Set on the banks of the Concho river this beautiful vineyard offers you a taste of the best wines. The wonderful owners and staff make your trip memorable.

Wine Collection

Christoval Vineyards have an amazing collection of red wines and white wines. Their red wine collection includes rich flavored wines like Petite Sirah, Merlot, and Montepulciano. The fruit-flavored Tempranillo and Angelo are the other favorites in the red wine collection.

The white wine collections comprised of the light-bodied Vermentino, Sparkling almond, and Angelo white. The rich Rousanne and refreshing Angel’s kiss are also part of the white wine collection at Christoval Vineyards. Joining their wine club gives you a discount on all your purchases.


You can shop for some signature merchandise like caps, T-shirts, and jackets for friends and family.

Wine Tours and Tastings

Christoval Vineyards offers tours in their scenic vineyards. The tours need to be reserved in advance. These tours give you inside information about the making of the wines. You also get information about the functioning of the vineyard. Touring through the grapevines is quite an experience.

If you don’t want a tour of the vineyard then you can book the tasting event. You can pair your wines with great food on the menu. The menu offers fresh foods which are in season. Their tasting room has a great ambiance that complements their great-tasting wines.


There is a scenic 17th Century French-style event center to hold your events. The event tour will give you all the information about the event venue. There are plenty of events at Cristoval Vineyards.

Evenings in Cristoval Vineyards are dedicated to music, book readings, Informational meetings, and painting events. There are regular brunches. Wine club members get discounts to attend all the events.