Cooper Spring Nature Preserve

Cooper Spring Nature Preserve is a great place for people who enjoy nature. This park is named after the natural spring that exists in this preserve. You can stroll here through the clean walking trails and watch the butterflies and birds. The park is home to flowers, butterflies, birds, and fish of different species.

This community park is easily accessible as it is just two blocks from downtown Lampasas. Entry to this park is free. This park is open and accessible from early morning till throughout the day. This preserve is totally dedicated to the conservation and preservation of wildlife.

Rich Flora and Fauna

An intricately designed gate welcomes you to this peaceful haven. There are mowed trails that guide visitors. These trails run along Cooper Spring, Burleson Creek, and Spring Branch. Once inside you have access to more than 25 acres of flora and fauna. Various types of wildflowers and plants grow in this park.

You can spot deer running around. The water in the spring is crystal clear. There are plenty of benches which allow you to sit and relax. You can spot some rare variety of birds here. Just sitting here for some time can melt all your stress.

This park is a labor of love. Volunteers have worked hard to clear this park of invasive plants. In the place of invasive plants, new native varieties of plants have been added to attract butterflies and birds. If you visit this preserve in spring or summer then you can enjoy many varieties of flowers in full bloom. The park places high importance on conserving soil and water resources. The birds and the flowing springs send out refreshing sounds. A few hours spent roaming in this nature preserve will leave you refreshed.