Central Texas Wing of the Commemorative Air Force

Are you passionate about WW2 history? If so, you must visit the Central Texas Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. Located on Airport Drive in San Marcos, it is at the Central Texas Wing hangar where visitors can step back into time, circa the 1940s. It is here that guests can get firsthand experiences with genuine CAF aircraft.

The Central Texas Wing is responsible for the restoration and maintenance of WW2 aircraft such as the P-39Q, B-25J Yellow Rose, and the BT-13 Valiant. There are other aircraft that are privately owned by CAF sponsor groups and members. These were war birds that once participated in World War 2. Now they are decommissioned. All of them are stripped of instruments and armaments and abandoned by the Navy and Air Force. A nonprofit organization saw its potential in the 1960s and the rest is history. Today, visitors get to see genuine war birds that are restored back to life. In addition, there are other reasons why should visit the Central Texas Wing of Commemorative Air Force:

  • A large museum occupying three buildings with a wide range of CAF fleet. The fleet includes bombers like B-17, B-25, and the B-29, totaling 165 aircraft.
  • Flight experiences. For a fee, visitors may book a flight on select aircraft.
  • Guided tours of the museum, including climbing into the actual planes.
  • Tour the hangar and see various types of pilot gear used during the war on display. The gear on display is from different divisions.
  • The museum has different vehicles used during the war on the display such as trucks and jeeps.
  • A library with over 3,000 texts from World War 2.

Admission to the Commemorative Air Force is free, but the organization does request donations of $10/person or $20/group.

 Visit the Central Texas Wing of the Commemorative Air Force and embrace your history.