Camp for All

Specifically designed to create a barrier-free environment, Camp for All offers life-changing experiences for kids and adults with special needs.

Located in Burton, Texas, Camp for All is nestled in a serene environment surrounded by a lush landscape and rolling hills. Its 260-acre campsite includes two lakes, nature walks, wooded areas, and various activity centers.

Camp for all creates an environment where children and adults with special needs can experience the thrills of nature and adventure. Its professional and passionate staff supported by innovative facilities and programming ensures that every camper, regardless of physical, emotional, or learning challenges, can accomplish every task. By establishing an environment of inclusion and camaraderie, Camp for all seeks to provide kids with opportunities to find hope and build self-confidence. 

Activities at Camp for All

Campers can participate in several activities hosted at Camp for All. Some of them are:

  1. Aquatics: The swimming pool has multiple ways of entry, ensuring that anybody can enjoy a good time in the pool water. 
  2. Art and Craft: Numerous arts and craft activities take place both indoors and on the large porch of the arts and crafts barn. All projects are planned considering the interests of the campers and their age groups. 
  3. Beauty Spa: Every camper can give or receive makeovers at the beauty spa. They can bring out the make-up artists hidden within them by doing anything from applying make-up to getting their nails painted. 
  4. Challenge Courses: Whether it’s climbing towers, high ropes, vertical walls, or zip lines, campers have the opportunity to become as adventurous as they want. Each challenge course is designed uniquely to make it universally accessible. 
  5. Sports: Basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and kickball are just some team sports that children and adults can enjoy at the camp. 

Other activities that campers can indulge in are archery, culinary arts, riding horses, learning about farm animals, etc.

Sending your children to Camp for All would indeed be a life-changing experience for them. They would not only make lifelong memories but also become confident and self-motivated individuals.