Bootiful Wimberley

Bootiful Wimberley is a venue where you can see beautiful boots. There are more 50 boots created by artists that you see when you visit this place in Wimberley, Texas. This place was started in 2014 with the objective of promote art and create a cultural tourism site. Local artists and children chipped in and the result was Bootiful Wimberley.

  • Lovers of the art should visit this place to look at the huge boots that are ‘bootifully’ decorated with art work by artists. Each of the boots is around 7 feet tall and is worth seeing. When you are in Wimberley, this is a place you must visit to spend a nice time.
  • Bootiful Wimberley started with 32 boots in 2014. Within a year, 18 more boots were added. Many volunteers and sponsors have joined hands with the Wimberley Valley Arts and Cultural Alliance to make this a reality.
  • The boots themselves are made from fiberglass. On the fiberglass, artists have brought their creations to life with stunning artwork. Each of the boots covers a specific theme ranging from wildflowers to music, and vegetables to roses. Art lovers would appreciate the effort put in the artists to create these great pieces of artwork.
  • It is an innovative concept to showcase artwork on large boots. This is unique and is something you must see and take photos to show your loved ones. Get photos with all the 50 boots or choose the ones you like the most depending on how much time you have.
  • The boots are not all located in one place but spread across many roads. There is a boot trail map that you will find in their website. The map shows the locations of all the boots. Visiting these locations allows you to take a walk through the area.
  • Walk around the area and visit the shops and eat at the restaurants.