Bluebonnet Trail

Do you love nature? Would you like to spend a refreshing time viewing wildflowers while enjoying a pleasant ride? If so, then visit Bluebonnet Trail in Llano, Texas. This place according to TripAdvisor is the No.1 place to visit when you are in Llano. Here are some reasons why you should visit this place.

Why visit this trail?

  • BlueBonnet Trails is a self-drive trail where you can drive for a distance of 16 miles viewing beautiful wildflowers. It is a great way to spend time amidst the beauty of nature.
  • There are different trails where wildflowers can be seen at different times of the year. You can keep checking the website for updates so you can know which the best time to visit is. Usually, the 3rd week of April is when you can view the flowers at their best.
  • If you were thinking why you should visit a place to view flowers, then you must know the trail is one of the top-rated ones. It has been ranked among the 30 most gorgeous travel locations by Mashable.
  • There are many restaurants around the place. You can have a tasty meal at the restaurant after exploring the wonderful trail. You will also find shops to buy memorabilia.
  • Generally, the blooms are visible for around 7 weeks of the year, so you can plan your holiday accordingly. You can see carpets of blue flowers that a treat for the eyes. The vast fields of flowers will be loved by all nature lovers.
  • Enchanted Rock is close by and you can climb the rock if you like a short hike.
  • If you like photography and love to post pictures on Instagram or other social media sites, you can get great photos here. The photos you take here will definitely earn you likes and shares on social media.