Blessington Farms

Outdoor activities are good for our body and mind. Not all of us are lucky enough to grow up in the countryside. Blessington Farms gives you a fun countryside experience that will rejuvenate your mind and body.

Blessington Farms has lined up an array of interesting activities for its visitors. Children and their parents can enjoy activities like tug-o-war, barrel train rides, hayride, rat race, trolley swings and rope maze. The energetic kids will enjoy tire bounce, spider web, and tire mountain.

A giant air-filled trampoline bounce pad is a major attraction for both children and adults. Gem mining promises some mystery with gems waiting to be discovered behind a bag of dirt. Inquisitive minds will enjoy the fossil dig activity,

Those who enjoy fishing can bring their barbless hooks, bait, and other fishing equipment to fish in the huge 2-acre lake. The lake is filled with catfish, bluegills, and many other varieties of fish.

Blessington Farms gives children an opportunity to learn more about animals by observing them and handling them. The guests can handle barnyard dogs, chickens, goats, and lambs. The farm has a special observation area where the guests can observe animals such as camels, livestock, and miniature donkeys closely.

A grotto offers guests the opportunity to observe and learn more about reptiles. Guests are allowed to interact and feed Quaker parrots.

During growing seasons guests can enjoy picking strawberries, thornless blackberries, and blueberries. If you visit the farm in fall you can stroll through their large pumpkin patch.


You can celebrate your birthday parties at Blessington Farms. You can reserve 8-foot picnic tables or venues for 60 people or 100 people inside the farm. The farms also host corporate events. The whole farm can be booked for large events.