Black Spur Emporium

When you go on a holiday, it is but natural that you want to bring back memorabilia from the place you visit. You would also like to buy gift for friends from the place you visit. This is why tourists look for a good gift shop in all the places they visit.

If you are visiting Johnson City and looking for a place to shop, you need to visit Black Spur Emporium. The emporium and gallery has some of the best collection of products on sale for you.

Why shop at the Black Spur Emporium?

  • The Emporium is located in Johnson City in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The shop features a vast collection of gift items, memorabilia, and other products that tourists would love to buy. Even local love to visit this shop thanks to the varied collection on offer.
  • The shop is open on all days except Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • The Black Spur Coffee Shop is located in the Emporium. When you are done with sightseeing, you can sit down at the coffee shop and have a refreshing drink of your choice along with other baked goods. Once you finish your coffee, you can then shop at the emporium to buy gifts to take back home.
  • The reason why you should visit this emporium is that you will find art objects, wall décor, Mexican pottery, and other assorted items that you don’t find anywhere else. If you are looking for unique things to buy in Texas, then visiting this shop is a good idea.
  • Metal art items are the main attraction of this emporium. There are sculptures and art items for your yard that are unique and people love to buy.
  • Some of the other things that you can find at this store include:
  • Chandeliers
  • Mirrors
  • Mexican glass
  • Handcrafted jewelry items
  • Lamps
  • Live plants
  • Cowboy themed items
  • Furniture items including hand crafted tables
  • Hide lampshades
  • Cowboy hats
  • Copper sinks
  • Colorful Mexican pottery