Barbee-Berry Mercantile

The Barbee-Berry Mercantile Building, built around 1870 housed one of the earliest mercantile businesses and commercial buildings that remain from Salado’s earliest years.  It is two stories and exhibits fine masonry craftsmanship in its construction. Though the building has been adapted for continued use, it remains an intact example of 19th-century commercial architecture. In the Salado Creek flood of 1921, the store was flooded with five feet of water, washing away all the merchandise. 

This is also the site of the old Salado First State Bank that was built from rock taken from the Vickrey-Berry home on Main Street.   After the bank closed the building sat abandoned. In 1962, former New York model, Grace Rosanky Jones, purchased the old bank building and began renovation for what later became a celebrated upscale dress shop named Grace Jones. It offered the finest in fashion from New York, Paris, and Milan, attracting customers from throughout the United States. It is currently home to a retail shop.