Art by Ginger B.

Mission Statement

 “Humor, surprising elements, and touches of unexpected colors are identifying characteristics of my journey in art. My intent is to inspire – and sometimes amuse – viewers with my interpretation of everyday objects.”


 Canadian-born Ginger S. Baldwin comes from a long line of strong creative women. Initially encouraged by her mother (artist/published writer) and her maternal grandmother (published writer/poet), she entered her first art show at age 6 with a watercolor of the Statue of Liberty. Baldwin supplements her natural talent with workshops, classes, and demonstrations as often as possible. 

After several years without any particular focus on art, Ginger rediscovered her creative flair in 2010 when friend and kindred spirit Brenda Knoll invited her to attend a class taught by well-known local pastel artist, Enid Wood. After a rocky start (she describes the first two classes as “pure torture”), soft pastels quickly became her favorite medium. “I had previously worked in everything but soft pastels. The surfaces, strokes and techniques are very different from other media. But Enid is so supportive, I kept at it. Once I allowed myself to be free in my approach, I found my passion for the creative process returned.” 

Baldwin is often heard telling other artists emphatically to “paint like you mean it.” “There is no room for timidity in art,” she says.  Any other advice? “Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Some of my best work is the result of what I like to call a ‘learning experience’. Paint things you wouldn’t normally paint. Use colors you wouldn’t usually use. Try a new surface or a new technique. Get outside your comfort zone! And remember: there is nothing in this world that cannot be improved at least a little by adding purple.” 

Art by Ginger B. is located in The Bridges Emporium 920 Main Street, Bastrop, TX.

For more information visit Art by Ginger B. website.