Andalusia Whiskey

Andalusia Whiskey

The best whiskey from Spain… made in Texas. Check out this Texas distillery if you want a truly one of a kind experience.

When you are in Blanco, Texas next and in the mood to have the finest whiskey, then don’t forget to visit Andalusia Whiskey Co. The company creates the best handcrafted whiskey using local products that remind you of the Andalusian hills in Spain. Their range of products and great facilities have ensured that tourists flock to their distillery to sample the great whiskey. In particular, the single malt whiskey receives rave reviews from visitors.


6462 N US Highway 281 Blanco Texas 78606

Call at 830 507 4359.


The tasting room of Andalusia Whiskey Co. is open from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday –  open from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Why visit this place?

The answer to this question is obvious – to taste the best selection of whiskeys. Some of the core whiskeys offered at this place are:

  1. White whiskey made from Texas malted barley and rainwater is triple distilled to create an authentic flavor.
  2. The single malt triple distilled whiskey is made following the Irish tradition to create a smoother whiskey.
  3. Revenant Oak is the popular single malt whiskey infused with a bit of peat smoke to give it a distinctive flavor.
  4. Stryker is a smoked whiskey as per the local BBQ tradition create the best backyard whiskey you will taste.

When people visit Andalusia Whiskey Co., they can get a tour of the facilities. The best part is that visitors can sample their great whiskeys. They can experience some of the best whiskeys that leave a lingering taste to the palate. There are food trucks around the place where visitors can have the food of their choice.

The staff are welcoming and give an overview about how the whiskeys are made. After sampling whiskeys, visitors can buy the ones they like (buying as per local laws). Visitors must note that as per local law, they must be 21 or above to drink.

Andalusia Whiskey Co. also has an option on their website to buy whiskey online. So, once you return home if you can share the experience with friends, family, or order for yourself.

Visit the Andalusia Whiskey Co. website for more information.